vision benefits in Oklahoma - 5 Reasons to Offer Better Vision Benefits in Oklahoma

Open enrollment is almost here, so now is a good time to look at your employee benefits package. As an employer, it’s your first concern to offer the best benefits to your workforce, and vision benefits prove time and again to be among the most popular with workers. Here are a few reasons why having better employee vision benefits in Oklahoma and beyond can boost your business.

Ease employee eye strain

Nowadays, adults spend most of their time in front of a digital screen between cell phones, tablets and computers. In consequence, 58% of adults have problems with digital eye strain, or computer vision syndrome. This condition causes vision issues and eye pain from staring at a screen for too long. Left alone, these problems can hurt a person’s vision long term.

Employees with access to better vision benefits can easily see an eye doctor each year. During their annual eye exam, the eye doctor can check for eye strain and other, perhaps subtle, problems that may lead to discomfort and pain for your employees. Plus, your workers can ask about remedies and solutions, such as protective eyewear or blue light protection screens.

In the long term, less eye strain from screens will enable your employees to be healthier and more productive.

Less time out of office

Even if your employees aren’t showing symptoms of a specific condition, eye exams help keep their health in check. During an annual exam, an eye doctor can look for the signs of more than 270 major health conditions, including diabetes and certain types of cancers.

Besides the obvious benefit of keeping your employees safe and healthy, when they receive periodic check-ups, they spend less time out of the office for medical care needs. As a result, your employees will feel more at ease, knowing their health is being monitored. Plus, they’ll be more productive at work, knowing that they can use their days off more freely.

Catch vision issues early

In the event that a worker does have an eye problem, an annual eye exam will help catch it early. For example, say your employee finds that their eyesight is blurry, and they have lots of headaches.

They have not needed glasses in the past, but during their eye exam, the doctor performs a refraction.

This looks at how well the eyes see and whether they need something to help them. The eye doctor finds that your employee’s vision has changed as they’ve gotten older, and now they need glasses or contact lenses.

With no opportunity for vision benefits in Oklahoma, your employee’s eye health and work rate would have suffered. However, having access to vision plans makes it easy for employees to take care of eye health and vision-related issues before they become a bigger inhibitor.

Increase employee loyalty

Vision benefits in Oklahoma or elsewhere can also help you attract and retain top talent. In fact, a recent survey from Glassdoor found that 57% of job seekers say benefits and perks are what they look at before taking a job. And health benefits are a huge boon to young workers. Glassdoor found 90% of workers ages 18 to 34 would rather have benefits over pay.

Many employers already offer vision benefits to their employees, so you should consider plan specifics and packages to ensure your company’s benefits attract top talent. By giving your workers what they want, they’ll be more satisfied with their role. And you’ll motivate them to choose and stay at your business for the long term.

Avoid underutilization costs

Offering vision benefits to employees is a crucial first step. However, open enrollment can be a stressful time. Lots of information is thrown their way. Sometimes it can be hard to understand it all before they need to make a decision.

So, if your employees do not know of all the benefits they could get or how to access them, they may not be using them. This renders the whole program (and its subsequent benefits) useless. In other words, if your vision plan is underutilized, that means your workers aren’t taking advantage of the vision benefits that enable them to ease their eye strain, be more productive or catch vision issues early.

By helping your employees understand their vision benefits, you can show you care about their overall health and earn their loyalty. Making sure they are using vision benefits will save you on work rate losses.

This makes for a win-win for everyone involved.

Access vision benefits in Oklahoma for your employees

Vision Care Direct offers doctor-owned vision plans that benefit your employees. With negotiated savings and comprehensive offerings, you can foster productivity and loyalty in your workers while giving them the support and care they need to safeguard their eye health.

To learn more about how we can help you and your employees with vision benefits in Oklahoma, contact us today.

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