Accept a Vision Plan that is Doctor-Owned and Offers True Value for Patients in Oklahoma

Provide the highest quality care to your patients while maintaining competitive compensation for the products and services you deliver.

A plan that takes care of you – and your patients

As a vision care provider in Oklahoma, you want to provide your patients with both top-quality care and stylish eye wear choices.

Unfortunately, sometimes you may feel limited by your customers’ vision plans. Patients aren’t willing to upgrade to the materials and coatings they need because only the very basics are covered.

And many times, patients go years between exams because of the cost – putting their health at risk and making it harder to run your practice.

How can you convince them to get regular care? By accepting a plan that puts patients – and doctors – first.

A network that supports you

Give your patients the best care while keeping insurance companies out of your pockets!


Plus Plans help you compete with low-cost outside providers, allowing patients to choose any frame on your board up to $130 without a huge out-of-pocket cost.


Higher reimbursements – our reimbursements are the highest in the industry, allowing you to keep your practice vibrant and growing.


No Lab Requirements – You can use whatever lab you feel is best for you and your patients. You can even use your own lab!


No Discounts on Overages – when you upsell premium offerings, the patient pays the difference between the plan allowance and the actual cost. You can choose to discount, but you aren’t required to.


Local Focus – work with a company that is established in and committed to the community you live and work in, keeping dollars and tax money at home.


Customer Support that is second to none – you’ll speak to a live person, not a phone menu!

Patient care with you in charge

I think we both agree that your patients deserve the best care and vision plan. As a provider, you’ve built your practice around delivering the best care. Take it one step further an offer an excellent vision plan that doesn’t cost your patients hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket.

Patients deserve care where you’re in charge, not the insurance company. They also deserve high-quality frames, poly lenses, anti-reflective coating, and lineless progressives without feeling like they’ve been mugged when they leave your store!

The truth is, most big-name vision plans charge little up front each month and then really stick it to patients when they are in your office. Folks leave your practice associating you with those high prices.

Instead, align yourself with a vision plan that really cares about optimum health. Our out-of-pockets are some of the lowest available, leaving room for you to up-sell while the customer still has a high-quality experience.

You can also encourage all patients to get annual exams, because the out-of-pocket cost is only $15. This leads to a more predictable practice and better patient health.

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 Learn How You Can Become a Vision Care Direct of Oklahoma Provider

To tap into the many benefits of being a Vision Care Direct of Oklahoma provider, you’ll need to become a member of your state’s Independent Physician Association (IPA). To learn more about joining your state’s IPA and how Vision Care Direct is active in your area, click the button below…