Preferred Vendor Partners

Vision Care Direct is obviously not like other vision plans.  First, as you know we are not an insurance company.  We were founded by Optometrists to help fight against the changes and market pressures coming from the large insurance carriers.  One of our core principles is that you as the doctor/practice owner should be allowed to choose which vendors you purchase from.  So to that end, we have put together a list of vendors that we have vetted that support independent optometry with not only their products and services but with their attitude toward the industry.  Please take a second to look at these vendors and consider using them so they can continue to support you, the independent in the Optometry Industry.

CARR Healthcare Real Estate Agents

3 Reasons Why You Need a Healthcare Real Estate Agent

  1. Landlords: Landlords and listing agents are expert negotiators.  They are specialists in their industry the same way you are in yours.  If you negotiate a lease renewal or anything else without representation, you may likely leave tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.
  2. Market Availability and Comparisons: In order to negotiate successfully you need to know market availability and comparisons.  This process takes dozens of hours that you would have to spend away from work or family to accomplish.  An expert healthcare real estate agent does at no cost in order to present you with the most viable location options for your consideration.
  3. Deal Points: A landlord will not simply offer you their best terms which is why you need an agent who knows what is negotiable and how much can be achieved.  There are many deal points that can be negotiated on during lease or purchase negotiations – tenant improvement allowance, free rent, assignability, and much more!  Without expert representation, you could overpay by a significant amount and lose out on important concessions.

In conclusion, real estate is typically the 2nd highest expense for most healthcare practices. With this much at stake, trust your commercial real estate with an expert healthcare real estate agent who will protect your interests and help you achieve maximum savings. Find out more!


Modern Optical

Modern Optical International is a family-owned eyewear and accessories company founded in 1974 in suburban Chicago. Our niche is value-driven eyewear commonly used for managed care vision plans, price specials, frame/lens packages, and other promotions. Since its inception, Modern has built a stellar reputation on servicing independent ECPs. With a proven track record of 46 years, Modern’s value eyewear and managed care expertise enable ECPs to optimize profitability and increase capture rates. Our eyewear selection is extensive with over 1,100 unique styles including extended-size and petite collections. Our Summit Optical Supply Division provides cases, parts, cleaning cloths, and more, all at razor-sharp pricing.


Rochester Optical, now known as RLab, has an 80-year history of manufacturing eyewear for the Independent Eye Care Professional. We are still true to our heritage of independence and are proud to be serving you, our partners, as one of the few remaining independent labs manufacturing in the USA. We provide wholesale solutions for eye care professionals across the US, and our full-service optical lab has the latest technology for surfacing, coating, and finishing an infinite variety of exceptional and innovative eyeglass products. We offer exclusive Free Form lens designs, Branded Lens designs, in-house coatings, as well as Crizal offerings. In addition, we provide both branded and proprietary frame products along with FREE next-day shipping.

Though we are still proud of our Rochester Optical history, we’ve listened to valued customer feedback very intently over the last few years and are excited to present to you how we’ve put that feedback into effect. What we heard from you was Quality, Lead-time, and Service. To deliver on these three guiding principles, RLab invested millions of dollars in installing, repairing, or rebuilding virtually every piece of equipment in the lab, as well as rerouting our laboratory operations; a process that continues today.  We’ve introduced hundreds of new exceptional products that give you the option of substitution at a better cost or providing the best-branded products in the industry. We had changed ordering, warranties, returns, expediting, customer service, and sales. The only thing we hadn’t changed, was the name.

During the Pandemic, we swiftly rerouted some production to PPE, offering much-needed equipment to front line personnel, as well as ECP’s and private citizens, and launched a virtual catalog for you to use with your customers. In short, there is nothing we have not changed and will not continue to change to better service you, our partner.

We are still true to our independence and are proud of our heritage.  If you were a customer of Rochester Optical 5 years ago you simply would not recognize it as the same entity we are today.  The change to RLab is, in part, to share our new and exciting story, to reflect the growing National nature of our business, and to cast our ship definitively forward on this new exceptional path.  In short, if you haven’t tried the new RLab you really don’t know RLAB.

You can rest assured that we will handle any job with expert quality, service, and care. Our commitment is to you and you have our full support. Want to see our improvements for yourself? Contact us and schedule a tour! We’d love to have you here and show you what we have become.