Advanced Eye Care in Tulsa and Beyond - Including Contact Lenses in Your Vision Package

Employees need access to advanced eye care in Tulsa and beyond in order to support their eye health. Thus, high-quality vision benefits are as popular with employees as dental is, and expectations keep going up in terms of what should be included in the package. Employers who want to stand out can offer robust benefits packages that fit the needs of all employees. With 45 million people in the U.S. wearing contacts, ensuring they have access to quality contact options is increasingly important.

Why your vision benefits plan should include a monetary allowance for contact lenses

When choosing which vision care package to offer, many companies focus on providing the lowest possible premium. However, monthly premiums are only a part of the picture. When an employee visits their eye doctor and faces unexpected out-of-pocket costs, they will not feel as though they have benefited from their vision plan.

Rather, a proper package should balance costs with offering appropriate levels of plans and features. One such feature is the allowance for contact lenses. While these allowances are now standard in most plans, the level can vary. Because every prescription and eye care need is different, it is important to ensure your employees have a sufficient allowance for their eyewear.

Common problems that contact lenses can help with

Contact lenses are helpful because they give the wearer a fuller and more natural visual field. They move with your eyes, so they don’t distort side vision. They don’t fog from changes in temperature either. Plus, contact lenses don’t break as often as glasses or put pressure on your nose or ears.

In addition to these benefits of convenience and comfort, contact lenses address common vision problems, such as:

  • Myopia (near-sightedness).
  • Hyperopia (far-sightedness).
  • Presbyopia (a normal aging change that results in the eye’s inability to focus on close objects).
  • Astigmatism (distorted vision at both near and far distances).

Ultimately, contact lenses allow your employees to see better and feel more comfortable with all of the above benefits. This can translate to higher productivity and efficiency at work. Employees will feel valued at your company knowing that you are taking a vested interest in their eye health. This may encourage them to remain there long-term.

Starting with an eye exam

It’s important to get a comprehensive eye exam before getting contact lenses. Contacts are medical devices and thus must be given by a qualified doctor. Plus, they are made with different materials, and a proper fit is vital to avoid eye infections. This means that the right type of lens and high-quality care are crucial for employees to get the best advanced eye care in Tulsa or elsewhere.

With a vision package that offers annual eye exams and contact lenses, your employees will have access to the type of eye care they need. Complete eye exams enable employees to get regular checkups to ensure their eye health (and overall health) is monitored. This type of periodic reassurance will help your employees stay healthy.

And with vision correction options like contacts, you can give them the chance to choose what solution will work best for them. In the end, this freedom will also encourage retention.

Other ways contacts can keep your eyes healthy

Beyond vision correction, contact lenses have other innovations, such as:

  • Features that help with dry eye.
  • Tints that can change eye color.
  • Films that can block UV light.
  • Transition features that darken in sunlight.
  • Bandages that help protect the eye while a wound is healing.

Employees can access advanced eye care in Tulsa and beyond

Including an ample allowance to provide quality contacts in your vision care benefits package can enable you to give your employees the resources they need to maintain their eye health. At Vision Care Direct, we offer customizable pre-paid vision plans on comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fittings and follow-up care. Contact us today to learn more about our advanced eye care in Tulsa and across the country and how we can help you take care of your employees.

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