Brokers! Recommend a Vision Plan Your Clients in Oklahoma Will Love You For

Stand out from your competition by selecting a high-quality local vision plan that makes you the hero. Keep reading on how we do that...


When you’re putting together a benefits package for a client, you probably focus more on the health care plan to deliver value to your customer. That’s natural, but another way to elevate the value is to bundle the health care plan with a vision plan that truly meets the needs of your client.

The more problems you solve for your client, the less likely they are to shop around. Here's some of the top benefits you'll deliver to your client:

A High-Quality
Vision Care Plan

As you know, most vision care plans offer a low-premium coverage that ends up costing the end customer hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket.

Vision Care Direct of Oklahoma actually offers quality coverage that reduces the out-of-pocket expenses for the end customer.

Happy Employees = Happy Client

Section 125 Pre-Tax

Membership contributions for Vision Care Direct of Oklahoma can be paid on a pre-tax basis, thereby reducing their total taxable basis which can result in saving money for your client companies and their employees.

It's a win-win!

Saving Money = Happy Client

Flexible Plan Options
To Suit Any Need

Vision Care Direct of Oklahoma offers more choices than any other vision plan because we understand that one-size does not fit all needs.

We provide flexible plans to serve your client companies and their employee needs.

Flexibility = Happy Client

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Our doctors are so convinced that you should offer your clients a vision plan from Vision Care Direct of Oklahoma, they want to partner with brokers and agents in their area to help spread the word. Now you can work directly with a doctor in your area who can help you build relationships with local business leaders at no cost to you.

Most insurance plans put brokers at odds with doctors, as doctors know that more restrictive vision plans will cost their offices in quality of care. But, imagine contacting one of your clients and finding out that their eye doctor has already opened the door for you!

We call it a "No Cost Lead Program"

Not only are you selling a quality eye care program that your clients will love which will reduce your attrition, if you sell more - you make more.

With Vision Care Direct of Oklahoma, you make a level 10% commission no matter how big or small the company is that you are working with.

Say goodbye to those other plans that cut your rates as you add people into the program.

Begin Selling Vision Care Direct of Oklahoma and Build Long-Lasting Client Relationships

Choose to stand out from your competition by selecting a high-quality local vision plan that makes you the hero by delivering true value to your clients and their employees.


If you’re like many brokers, a lot of your clients are local companies. With the right vision plan, you can show them your commitment to your community.

A plan like Vision Care Direct of Oklahoma is owned and maintained by doctors in the local community. Premium dollars stay in town and as a result, local schools have more money, neighborhoods are safer, and much more.

Your clients will love that the local community they live and work in is a top priority to you!

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