Oklahoma Employee Vision Benefits Plans 101: What they mean for your employees

Oklahoma employee vision benefits

Employees often cite medical, dental and vision as the most important benefits they want to receive from work. In Oklahoma, vision benefits are expected from many employers. For example, the state of Oklahoma itself provides vision plans to government workers. However, many businesses still lag behind and may not realize the full value of Oklahoma employee vision benefits plans.

Today’s tight labor market

People looking for a new job or deciding whether to stay at one always weigh the value of their benefits. Having a good benefits package at your business is an important tool to keep and attract employees. This is especially critical in today’s surprisingly tight job market.

Experts predicted that COVID-19 would create high unemployment levels. That did happen briefly, but now many employers are having trouble attracting workers. This is particularly true in Oklahoma City, where unemployment fell to 2.9% this summer. This was the second-lowest rate in the U.S.

Productivity suffers too

Besides offering a competitive advantage, having good vision benefits supports your bottom line and employee efficiency. You know offering a vision plan is a pre-tax deduction, which lowers your payroll taxes. But did you know it can also help boost productivity?

Digital eye strain hurts productivity and can be lessened by adding robust Oklahoma employee vision benefits. Nearly four out of five workers report that staring at screens all day gives them headaches, makes them tired and hurts their focus, which curbs their job performance. For example, one survey found 90% of employees said that headaches affect their work results.

The shift to working at home has surely increased the eye strain issue. Many work settings strive to minimize eye strain with optimal lighting, computers at ideal angles and regular breaks from the screen.

However, those working at home may be typing at a kitchen table with indirect lighting or glare from a window. All of this adds to eye strain. Also, breaks often mean checking personal emails or social media, not walking away from the computer and giving their eyes a rest.

Employers who intend to let staff continue to work remotely, even only part-time, need to realize the value of strong vision benefits for their staff. Using vision benefits for regular exams and protective eyewear will help workers avoid eye strain and keep work output on par.

What employees want in Oklahoma

Employee benefits usually focus on medical and retirement plans. However, there is a growing demand for other benefits, particularly more complete vision care. In fact, a study by Vision Monday magazine found that 87% of those surveyed would be more likely to remain at a company that provided high-quality vision benefits.

In spite of that desire, the U.S. government noted that vision care benefits are offered to 78% of government staff, such as the people working for the state of Oklahoma. However, only 56% of union workers and only 24% of non-unionized employees have access to vision care benefits.

Those employees who are asked what they want out of their vision benefits often say out-of-network plans for frames and lenses so they do not have to find someone who accepts their plan. They also want more robust benefits to bridge the gap between what some vision plans offer and the real costs for glasses and contacts, such as getting another pair or adding coatings.

Oklahoma employee vision benefits

Employee vision benefit plans in Oklahoma, such as those offered by Vision Care Direct, are comprehensive and address common conditions as well as offer vision exams. They also allow your employees to get care both in-network and out-of-network.

With a Vision Care Direct plan, your employees can get an exam, frames and lenses using negotiated savings. Vision Care Direct is Oklahoma-owned and based. We can help you offer quality vision care to your employees.

Contact us to learn more about our Oklahoma employee vision benefits plans.

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