How Vision Plans Fit Into the Creation of a Modern Company Culture

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July 21, 2022
James Ashford

Your company’s culture is something that can help you stand out. A positive culture can have many benefits, from attracting top talent to driving innovation. Maintaining high levels of employee engagement is crucial for getting the kind of innovative thinking that helps your culture evolve and move forward. A growing number of businesses are focusing on mental health benefits as a way to embody their human values. But you need to take a holistic approach to wellbeing and offer a mix of uses that support physical and mental health. And keep in mind that there is a strong connection between eye health and mental health. Offering a comprehensive benefits package that includes vision coverage will strengthen your company’s culture.

Workplace Wellbeing Trends for 2022

  1. Increase Focus on Health and Personal Immunity Education
  2. Traditional Safety Roles to Now Include Wellbeing as a Major Focus
  3. Workplace Wellbeing Continues to Form Environmental, Social, and Governance Strategy
  4. Distributed Workforces & Wellbeing
  5. Leaders as Coaches

As you can see, many of these trends involve employee wellbeing, making a comprehensive vision plan a must.

The Connection between Stress and Vision Problems

The latest human resources trends are about taking a holistic approach to employee wellbeing. Many organizations are making flexibility and resilience a part of their culture after COVID-19. The link between stress and vision problems is too often overlooked. Flexibility translates to working in remote and hybrid environments, resulting in a digital environment. This creates new challenges you need to address, namely digital eyestrain. Stress causes the release of a “fight or flight” hormone known as adrenaline. When adrenaline is constantly released, the pupils dilate and light sensitivity results. Light sensitivity can lead to twitching and tightening of the eye muscles, which can cause stress-related vision problems and eye discomfort. Workplace stress doesn’t only affect the employee; it also has negative effects on company performance.

Comprehensive Vision Plan

Incorporating access to comprehensive eye care offered by Vision Care Direct in OKC and many nationwide locations makes it easy to support employee wellbeing. A support system for your employee’s well-being can be essential for keeping them engaged with the company. Comprehensive vision plans fit into this trend by preventing and addressing vision problems that can be linked to stress or issues with productivity. In addition to diagnosing eye and vision problems, a complete eye exam can also find general health problems, including diabetes and high blood pressure. Studies have shown that workplace stress is a strong risk factor for high blood pressure, and there is new and growing evidence that work-related stress increases one’s risk of diabetes. Furthermore, 50% of the time it is an optometrist who first diagnoses type 2 diabetes.

The Whole Picture

Employee health and a healthy work environment are interdependent. Healthy employees and a healthy company are what will lead to success. Conversely, high rates of stress and burnout are factors that can destroy your company culture and create a toxic environment. Truly fighting stress often requires a different and more holistic approach. Specifically, things like vision benefit plans can make a positive difference since there is a clear link between eye health problems and stress. Vision Care Direct is here to help find the best eye care in OKC and nationwide, which can help you support the wellbeing of your employees and thereby contribute to a healthy workplace environment.

Vision Care Direct of Oklahoma’s brand

Vision Care Direct offers pre-paid eye care in OKC and nationwide. This solves the problem of high out-of-pocket expenses. We are doctor-owned and we focus on patient care, not profitability. Our plans can be offered to your employees at no cost to your company, and there is no minimum participation requirement. Finally, having access to good eye care in OKC and locations across the nation can be an important aspect to consider for potential recruits. To learn more about our pre-paid vision plans, visit us.

Not sure where to get started with recommending self-funded plans? Vision Care Direct of Oklahoma is pre-paid plan provider with and extensive of specialists who deliver eye care in Tulsa and nationwide with excellent value for employers and plan recipients.

Find out more about our self-funded plans and other flexible options.


Enhance your employee’s benefit package by providing a vision plan that expands their benefits not their out-of-pocket expenses.

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