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Ah, summer! Longer and warmer days make it a great time for enjoying outdoor activities and sports in both the water and on land. Make sure these activities stay fun and safe by having the right equipment — including proper eye protection. An eye doctor in Yukon OK or nationwide can suggest several tips that will help you and your family keep your eyes healthy this summer.

Keep your eyes healthy in the water…

As everyone knows, wearing a life jacket is important when your having fun around water, but not everyone thinks about the importance of keeping your eyes just as safe as the rest of you. Here re some ways to protect them during some of your favorite summer pastimes.


Have you ever been swimming and noticed that after a while, your eyes felt irritated and itchy? Swimming pools use chemicals – such as chlorine – to keep the pool clean. These chemicals cause your eyes to burn and dry out.

But natural bodies of water like lakes and oceans can also hurt your eyes. They can expose your eyes to bacteria, viruses and even sand. These irritants can cause your eyes to become painfully red, raw and infected, and they can even blur your vision.

Visit an eye doctor in Yukon OK or elsewhere to be properly fitted for swimming goggles. They can prescribe you goggles that match your eyeglass prescription for maximum comfort and usability. Even if you don’t wear glasses though, protective swimming goggles (and other protective eyewear) are also very important. This is especially true for contact lens wearers and anyone who has had certain types of refractive surgery, including LASIK and radial keratotomy (RK).

Surfing, kayaking & SUP

Your eyes may not be underwater as much when you’re surfing, kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), however your eyes still need protection. The main issue with these activities is sun glare. The sun reflecting off the water can be harsh, which causes eye strain and headaches. Plus, all that sun exposure can put your eyes in harm’s way to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. In turn, you have a higher risk for photokeratitis and eye diseases that could lead to blindness.

This is why the right pair of sunglasses is important for these types of water activities. Polarized sunglasses are at the top of the list because they block the sunlight that’s coming off the water. And don’t forget kids need proper sunglasses just as much as adults!

…Or on land

Water isn’t the only summer hazard to your eye health. Sports and other outdoor activities can have just as much impact on your eyes on land as they do in the waves. Protect your eyes with proper eye gear that can stand up to the action sby choosing sports frames or goggles.

Team sports

Baseball, basketball, tennis and soccer are popular, fun summer sports… that also have the potential for eye wounds. Flying objects — such as balls, bats and rackets — can cause eye injuries. Potential contact with other players can also lead to injury. In fact, when it comes to sports-related eye injuries, baseball has the highest risk in kids 14 and under, and basketball for those ages 15 to 24. An eye doctor in Yukon OK or elsewhere can help fit your sports players with the proper protective eyewear to keep their eyes guarded.

Extreme sports

Extreme sports like paragliding, base jumping and BMXing are becoming very popular. These extreme sports are another area where eyes can be injured. The speed of extreme sports causes flying debris like dirt and rocks that can damage the outer layer of the eye. This damage can lead to eye pain and can even affect your vision in the long term. Thus, correctly fitting sports goggles or frames can play a big part in keeping your eyes out of danger.

Visit an eye doctor in Yukon OK or elsewhere to keep summer sports fun

Keep all eyes in your family safe this summer with protective eyewear and regular check-ups. With the Vision Care Direct of Oklahoma network, you can seek the guidance of an eye doctor in Yukon OK to find the right protective eyewear for summer sports and outdoor activities. Plus, with our negotiated savings on vision plans, you can safeguard your family’s eyes with regular comprehensive eye exams – without worrying about the price tag.

Contact Vision Care Direct of Oklahoma to get access to highly qualified eye doctors through our individual vision plans.

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