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In a world where more and more people are working from computer screens and keyboards, you need to make sure your employees can see. In fact, if your employees spend a lot of time at their computers, they could develop “computer vision syndrome.” As an employer, you need to be able to offer your employees the resources they need to address their workplace vision care problems.

Some practical solutions for home workers

There are some simple ways you can help your employees who work from home. First, there’s the 20/20/20 rule. After 20 minutes of screen time, employees should look at an object 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This helps relax the eyes.

Workers should also make sure the lighting around their home screens is similar to the screen’s light. You can encourage your home workers to stand up and walk away from their screens every so often too.

These simple vision care practices will help your employees maintain good eye health and avoid problems resulting from too much screen time.

Traditional office tricks

For those still operating in the workplace, you have similar solutions to explore too. Make sure that people in your office stand up to get away from their screens and actually take breaks. Lighting should be appropriate too – not just banks of white egg tray lights overhead. You may also consider providing screen filters or glasses to help your employees’ eyes block out blue light. If your employees work in a more hands-on environment like manufacturing, consider investing in safety goggles.

It’s also important that employees get annual eye exams. Unfortunately, not many employers offer any sort of vision plan, whether as a part of their basic benefits or as an optional add-on. Why?

The problem with most vision insurance

Vision insurance usually provides limited benefits. By including only the basic features of glasses or contacts, eye care insurance can leave your workers with a big bill for add-ons like progressive and polished lenses.

A much better idea is a pre-paid plan, like those offered through Vision Care Direct. We are not an insurance company. We’re owned by doctors, and our focus is on your employees’ eye health.

What Vision Care Direct offers

Vision Care Direct offers eye care plans that focus on employee needs. In a typical plan, we offer the most desired add-ons as a package as well as savings on glasses and contacts. Your employees won’t end up paying extra for the features they want.

Our plans also include comprehensive eye exams, so your employees can consistently monitor existing eye conditions while being on the lookout for new conditions that may appear.

Workplace eye care plans should be more than just a simple add-on employee benefit. Instead, they should help with overall employee health and cut down costs. With Vision Care Direct, you can help your employees achieve these goals whether at home or in the office. Contact us to learn more about our offerings. We’re here to help your employees stay healthy and productive.

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