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Oklahoma employee vision benefits

Oklahoma Employee Vision Benefits Plans 101: What they mean for your employees

Employees often cite medical, dental and vision as the most important benefits they want to receive from work. In Oklahoma, vision benefits are expected

Remote Employees Face New Eyesight Risks

Remote Employees Face New Eyesight Risks — Survey Shows Concerns

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of changes in the world, especially in how we all go to work. While many people may think

Eye injuries in the workplace

Are Your Employees at Risk for These 5 Common Work-Related Eye Injuries?

We didn’t have to think as much about workplace safety over the past 18 months, but now that people are going back to work,

The relationship between visual health and mental health

Vision Loss in the Workplace Could Be Linked to Anxiety and Depression

Sight is arguably the most important sense in our screen-first digital age. It only follows that vision challenges would have a profound effect on

Open Enrollment - Vision Benefits Information to Know

Vision Benefits Information You Need to Offer Affordable Eye Care in OKC and Beyond

Open enrollment is just around the corner. Now is the time to look at your employee benefits to come up with a nice package.

Creating a Safe Work Environment for an Aging Workforce

Creating a Safe Work Environment for an Aging Workforce With Employee Benefits in Oklahoma and Nationwide

As we return to regular work in offices, more and more employees are starting to experience vision problems due to spending a lot of