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Four Myths of UV Rays

During the summer UV protection is very important for our sight. There are several myths concerning sunglasses and Ultra Violet (UV) rays that your patients may believe. Here are just a few to look out for:

Myth #1 – Children don’t need sunglasses as much as adults
FACT -children receive 3 times the annual sun exposure of adults which increases their susceptibility to UV eye damage and their immature lens cannot filter out UV as easily

Myth #2 – The Darker the Lens the better the protection
FACT -UV protection has nothing to do with the darkness or color of a lens. Dark lenses without UV protection can actually be worse than no sunglasses at all because they cause the pupil to dilate which increases retinal exposure to UV.

Myth #3 – All Sunglasses have UV protection
FACT – Not all sunglasses have UV protection, so it is important to look at the label sticker or tag to verify UV protection before purchasing sunglasses.

Myth #4 – You don’t need sunglasses when it is cloudy
FACT – UV rays are just as dangerous on cloudy days as they are on sunny days so be sure to wear proper eye protection.

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Vision Care Direct – Oklahoma’s Premier Vision Benefits

At Vision Care Direct of Oklahoma, we strive to offer your patients some of the best vision benefits in the state. Many know we offer comprehensive eye exams, but there are quite a few who do not know that we offer additional benefits for glasses. Here are the benefits a member receives with their $15-dollar fee for a pair of glasses at a Plus Plan Providers office:

  • UV Protection
  • Digital Progressive Lenses
  • Premier Anti-Reflection Coating
  • Scratch Resistance Coating
  • Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Oil & Water Repellent Coating

If your patients have questions concerning their Vision Care Direct benefits please have them contact us at 855.918-.2020.

VSP Announces Purchase of Visionworks

Rancho Cordova, California: VSP Global announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire San Antonio, Texas-based Visionworks, subject to completion of regulatory approval. With a footprint of more than 700 stores in nearly 40 states, the Visionworks acquisition will be the single largest VSP network investment in the company’s 65-year history, the company said. “This transaction is highly complementary to our business and marks a significant leap forward in continuing to fulfill our vision to provide access to affordable, high-quality eye care and eyewear to more people,” said Michael Guyette, president, and CEO of VSP Global.

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Why the Ban on Walmart was Lifted

This year Senate Bill 100 lifted the ban on allowing chains like Walmart and Target to sell eyewear and allowing the optometrist to lease office space in the stores.

Joel Robison, executive director of the Oklahoma Association of Optometric Physicians said that it was clear Oklahomans wanted more eye options. We decided to develop legislation that would protect the patients and require the optometrists to be independent practitioners no matter where they practice.

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