Plan Benefits

Plan Benefits

Benefits of Choosing a VCD Vision Plan

We offer Individual Plans that have real value.  Our PLUS Plan designs allow you to get extra benefits that other plans don’t offer.

These plans are perfect for anyone who is:

  • Self-Employed
  • Between Jobs
  • Retired
  • or your company doesn’t offer a vision plan

Check out our plan benefits below and Click Here to Enroll

We work with groups as small as 2 employees to large groups of thousands of employees.  VCD offers both Fully Insured Plans and Self-Funded Plans as well.

These plans are perfect for companies who are:

  • Looking for the Total Lowest Out of Pocket Option
  • Wanting plans that offer tremendous value, not the lowest monthly premium
  • Prefer to give control back to the doctors instead of an insurance company
  • Looking for flexible plan options not cookie cutter designs.

The benefits are clear, tell your employer about Vision Care Direct, Click Here

What Makes VCD of Oklahoma a Premier Plan?

Provider Network

VCD doctors are individually credentialed to meet the highest standards, which means with over 400 doctors in our network, you can easily find a highly qualified doctor near you.  Our doctors are all credentialled to perform Comprehensive Eye Exams to not only help correct your vision but to look for early signs of over 18 chronic diseases and illnesses.  

Plus Plan Extras

With over 80% of our network listed at PLUS Plan Providers, you can save a tremendous amount by getting a lot of extras bundles in for free!  Most plans offer a discount off of the extra items like Poly Carbonate Lenses, Anti-Reflection, UV and Scratch Coatings, but at our PLUS Plan providers, you get all this at no extra charge.  Literally, you can walk out with a complete pair of glasses for $15.

Over the Top Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our customer service team.

 Our team answers the phone.  Instead of an automated confusing menu, our Customer Service Team actually answers the phone.  

They are cross-trained so the first person you reach can help you 90% of the time without transferring you to someone else.

Locally Owned and Operated

Vision Care Direct of Oklahoma is owned by Oklahoma Optometrists that saw what big insurance companies were doing to drive material prices up for patients.  That’s why we are called Vision Care Direct, we are Direct to the doctor, not the Insurance company.  Our doctors have full control of patient care, if they prescribe it we pay it.  Not to mention, being local keeps tax revenue right here in your state, in your community.