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Provider Resources

Why Vision Care Direct is better for the Doctor

Vision Care Direct of Oklahoma city was established in 2007 by several Optometrists that saw the “Writing on the Wall.”  They saw that big insurance companies were working to vertically align themselves to control more of the industry’s revenue.  Our original owners were spot on, today insurance companies have control over many parts of our practices and leverage in the industry.  Not only that but we see them making strategic moves to promote their wholly-owned retail locations.

VCD of OK continues to pay higher reimbursements while not forcing providers to use any particular lab and we do not force discounts on non-covered items.  Our 67 Optometry owners thank you for being a part of our network and appreciate your support in our fight to keep control of the industry.

We Support the OAOP!

As you probably know the Oklahoma Association of Optometric Physicians is one of the strongest Optometric Associations in the country.   We support the mission of the OAOP whenever we can whether it be a sponsorship for an outing, conference, or Summitt we do all we can.  Also, in special times like SQ793, we financially supported the effort alongside all of you.  OAOP provides many valuable services.  Here is a list of some of them:

  • Continuing Medical Education
  • Legislative Representation
  • Leadership Optometry
  • Third-Party Consultation
  • Superior Professional Networking
  • A Voice for Independent Optometry

Why Vision Care Direct is better for the Doctor

There are several reasons why Vision Care Direct (VCD) is better for your practice versus other vision plans offered in the market. Here are just a few benefits VCD brings to you and your office.

YOU are in charge of your patient’s care! Here are a few examples of what we mean:

  • Example 1 – A family of four comes in and everyone gets glasses or contacts except the mom who has 20/20 vision. You can let her use her frame allowance to pick out a pair of Plan O sunglasses, so she doesn’t lose her benefit and has a better patient experience.
  • Example 2 – A mom brings in her elementary school son who has 20/20 vision, but she tells the doctor he seems to get tired towards the end of the day and isn’t doing as well in those later classes. Knowing that most schools have switched to LED Lighting and use both shiny whiteboards and Smart Boards, you may choose to suggest a Blue Coating on a pair of Plan O lenses. VCD will cover everything but the Blue Coating. The son can pick out a cool pair of glasses with the Blue coating, which can block a lot of the harmful blue light he’s staring at all day, which may help with his eye fatigue.

VCD PLUS Plan – The addition of the PLUS Plan has been huge for our doctors. The PLUS plan gives your patients a low-cost alternative with free upgrades, while still giving them the flexibility to choose any frame on your board. You asked us to design a plan to help you compete with online and retail pressures. The VCD PLUS Plan is very successful at allowing you to offer Complete Eyewear at a lower price than any online or retail competitor.

Higher Reimbursements – We continue to be one of the highest reimbursements in the industry!

No Lab Requirements – You are free to use whichever lab you feel is best for you and your patients. Many offices have their own labs and use it with the VCD Plans. However, VCD Labs can help you be more effective in competing against retail locations and online sites like VSP’s,,,, etc.

No Discounts on Overages – If the patient chooses any extras such as coatings, special high-end lenses, or a frame above their frame allowance, they pay the difference. Your office can choose to discount, but unlike other plans, it is never required.

Supports Independent Optometrists – Our panel consists of Independent Optometrists that are members of the State Association (OAOP). Our goals are to promote Independent Optometry and take back market share from Insurance Companies who create their profit from your business.

Customer Support – Our customer support team is great! When you call our Toll-Free Support Line (877-488-8900), you will speak to a person, not a phone menu. Everyone in Customer Service is professional, helpful, and friendly. Of course, you can always call your State VCD team at (855) 918-2020 or email us at

Our Vision Plan Benefits and How They Work

Employer Plans

Individual Plans

Lasik Discount Co-Management Network

We have built Oklahoma’s largest network of LASIK Providers that Co-Manage so your patients remain your patients.  You can refer your Vision Care Direct patients and they will get up to a $1000 Discount and a $200 Rebate in Lieu of Glasses or Contacts.  Click Here to Learn More about our LASIK Provider Network.

How to check eligibility

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How to file for Reimbursement

How to File For Reimbursement – from VCD Handbook

Tools for your office

Back-up Paid of Glasses

Why Switch – Individual Flyer

Why Switch – Employer Flyer

Vision Care Direct Contact Information

Sometimes, you just need to talk to someone to ask a quick question.  We know how frustrating it can be when you need a simple answer to continue doing what you need to do.  That’s why we answer the phone with real people.

Download our Contact Sheet to pass out to your Office Staff

Communication is important to make anything successful.  We are constantly putting out new communication.  Make sure we have your Office Staff Contact information up to date.  Click here to add your Office Staff’s Contact Information.