Company Referral Program


Build a Better Paying Patient Model

Use your status and influence as a local physician to build a better paying patient model. A model that not only pays you higher reimbursements, but puts you in control of patient care, lab choices and vendor choices.

Referral Bonuses and Higher Reimbursements

Vision Care Direct wants to help you not only earn more per patient but reward you for referrals to local companies.

Let’s face it, everyday you see patients with a vision plan that barely pays you enough to keep the lights on. You may be like many doctors seeing patients that pay less than your chair fee and if you don’t up-sell them, you could lose money. You’re not alone in that scenario!

Every patient that comes into your office that has a vision plan is an opportunity for you. Promote a vision plan that supports you and pays you what you are worth. Tell your patients about a better vision plan, and give them a post card to take back to their Human Resource or Employee Benefits Director.

If you already have a relationship with a decision maker at a company, fill out our online form to turn in the lead and earn a monthly referral on every employee in that company that signs up for the vision plan.

Patient Retention

One of the best ways to keep your patients in your office is to be their advocate.

Show them how to save money with a vision plan that pays your more yet offers patient benefits that beat retail and online offer!

Not to mention we never contact your patients to refer them to another practice. We do NOT own any practices.

Higher Payments

In a market that is racing to the bottom of lower and lower reimbursement schedules, stand up and suggest a plan that still pays you well. Reimbursements from most vision plans continue to decline as discounts on non-covered items increase.

Not with Vision Care Direct, we continue to support Optometrist by paying some of the highest reimbursements in the industry.

Referral Bonuses

With our Company Referral Program, you can send us leads online, via email, or phone. We will deploy the resources to meet with the company and/or their broker. When we sell the account you will earn a 3% referral bonus based on the estimate annual billing.  

For example purposes a group that enrolls 250 employees would be worth approximately $1,980.  Referral bonuses will be paid with 30 days of receipt of the first monthly premium billing.

Control Patient Care

We stay out of your way. For instance, we have no minimum prescription restrictions. If you prescribe it we pay for it.  If a patient plays competitive sports and you can correct them beyond 20/20, we pay for it.  

Maybe another patient has no vision correction needs but is in the sun all the time for work, we let them use their frame allowance to buy sunglasses from you.  

The idea is your the doctor, we provide the patient you take care of them in way you know is best!

Freedom of Choice

It’s your practice, your business, why should any vision plan decide who your vendors are?  

We give you the freedom to choose your vendors.  

Sure we have discount vendor partners, but they don’t fit every practice.  

We leave that decision making up to you!  

Control Your Market

You have tremendous influence in your market.  Patients who have a choice of vision plan will call your office and ask, which plan do you recommend. 

Independent Optometrists can recommend a better vision plan to their patients, some might even be the decision maker that have hundreds of employees.  With our New Referral Bonus Program, you can get paid to make a connection.  

Talk about win-win!  Improve reimbursements and get paid monthly bonuses.

I’ve been offering my clients Vision Care Direct for 2 years now. My client love the plans offered because they are flexible and deliver real value to their employees making my clients job much easier! They love me because I aligned the right plan with their employees needs.


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