Living in a sunny region of the world is considered a privilege in more than one way. However, when it comes to the effects of the strong sun on our bodies over time, the opinions shift. Some people require more protection from its rays than others, but everyone can benefit from regular sun protection.

Dangers of the Sunlight

Everyone has heard of the dangers of prolonged exposure to UV light for the skin. What about our eyes? The eyes are just as exposed to sunlight as the skin.

While subtle sunlight during the morning or late hours is less of a concern, the sun during the mid part of the day is strong enough to blind the vision and cause discomfort when looking around.

Should my child wear sunglasses?

As with everything else, children’s eyes are more delicate than those of an adult. The skin around the eyes of the child is also more delicate. Fortunately, sunglasses with UV protection have been created for adults as well as for children.

It is important to start protecting your child’s eyes from the strong sun as early as possible. This is especially important if the eyes are lighter in color and lack the melanin that would naturally guarantee greater protection from the sun.

The effects of UV light exposure for children accumulate over time. Wearing sunglasses during sunny days from an early age can protect the eyes and minimize UV light exposure. This is also important for protecting the skin around the eyes.

Too much squinting from the sunlight can cause small wrinkles to appear even on the youngest face. With sunglasses, you will do your child not only a favor in terms of health but also in terms of beauty.

When to Start Putting on Sunglasses

As parents, we are constantly wondering when it is the right time to do certain things for our children.

Sunglasses are made in many different sizes and are available even for the smallest children. Infants as young as six months can begin to wear sunglasses along with hats and a shade whenever it is sitting in its stroller.

Tips For Children Sunglasses

Some tips when purchasing children’s sunglasses are:

1. Buy glasses that have a 99 to 100% protection from the UVA and UVB light.
2. Not all sunglasses are created the same. Opt for sunglasses that are created for children’s active lifestyle. They should ideally have scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses that are less likely to jump out of the frame or scratch during vigorous play.
3. If your child is old enough to pick out glass frames by themselves, let them choose. They will be more likely to wear glasses that they personally find attractive.
4. Give an example by wearing sunglasses yourself on sunny or bright days.
5. Keep the sunglasses of your child in a safe place where they will not break or lose them.

Concluding Thoughts

So to the question “Should my child wear sunglasses,” the answer is definite — children can only benefit by wearing sunglasses as soon as possible and as often as possible when the sun is strong. This will create positive habits for their future and also protect their young eyes.

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