Provide a Vision Plan that offers true value for your Employees in Oklahoma

Enhance your employee's benefit package by providing a vision plan that expands their benefits not their out-of-pocket expenses.


As an employer in Oklahoma, you want to make sure that your staff has the benefits they need. Health benefits help everyone stay well while also providing a selling point for your company. The right benefits package can help you attract and keep top talent!

You may focus mostly on the primary medical benefit, which is sensible. However, don’t overlook the many benefits of the right vision plan.

When you provide an excellent benefits package, your employees will be thankful to you!

As a benefits administrator or small business owner in Oklahoma, you’re looking for the plan that provides the best value for your money.

It’s tempting to assume that a major national company with extremely low monthly premiums is the best choice.

Don’t be fooled - the monthly premiums are only a small part of the picture.

What happens is that when one of your employees goes to the eye doctor, they find that the out-of-pocket costs are enormous - they can’t get what they need without paying hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket!

With Vision Care Direct, a patient pays $15 for the eye exam and $15 for full glasses which includes poly lenses, anti-reflective coating, and even lineless progressives.

Which one do you think will leave your employee feeling like they truly benefited from their eye care plan? I think it’s clear to see!


Ultimately, Vision Care Direct plans are great for companies because they can enhance an employee’s benefit package at no cost to the employer. Your employees get quality eye care at no additional cost to you the employer!


You have the opportunity to choose a vision care plan for your employees that is established in the community where they live and work. Many national plans take money out of the local economy, which is exactly the opposite of what you will be doing if you choose to work with Vision Care Directs.

You can choose a vision care plan provider that is owned and operated by doctors right in your state and community who care about their members and the community they live in.

You didn’t go into business to be like everyone else. Give your employees the benefit of a local vision care plan that provides quality care and puts resources back into the local community.

I love Vision Care Direct. Not only am I able to provide quality eye care to the employees of my small business. I am also supporting our local community.


The Benefits are Clear

Provide your employees with a local, high-quality vision plan that offer minimal out-of-pocket costs to your employees. We promise, they will love you for it!